University of Zayane Achour-Djelfa Students

The group encompasses two subgroups from two university settings. The first includes students who are active English Club members  at the University of Zayane Achour-Djelfa in Central Algeria. The club officers and members participate in a variety of community service activities and cultural events. Most of the students study in the department of English, third year undergrad. The second group is in the South of the Country studying at Ecole Normale Superieure referred to by the acronym 'ENS' which is a pre-service teacher education institute that trains in a variety of disciplines related to education. The students study education science, applied linguistics amongst other things. The students at ENS participate in off campus activities and serve the community as well. The school is highly competitive and accepts only students with high grades and students benefit from a contract with the Ministry of National Education which secures them jobs in local schools after graduation.

Professor Ahmed

Ahmed is a social activist and Education Specialist from Algeria. Currently a research scholar at the Moynihan Institute, Maxwell School of Syracuse University, where he researches civic education and engagement, He previously worked as the director of studies at Bridges Institute where he co-designed syllabi of the institute that empowers youth in the province of Djelfa- Algeria.  Before that, he supervised a National active citizenship program and managed the training of local NGO leaders on community service and leadership. Ahmed also founded an initiative that fights 21st-century illiteracy by teaching IT skills to women to benefit from access to technology and widened their opportunities. Before joining the Moynihan, he lectured and trained teachers-to-be at Ecole Normale Superieure- Algeria and introduced issues of power, education for peace, and leadership into the curriculum for the first time. During his university years, Ahmed co-founded and supervised many "English Clubs" in different educational settings among which the first English Club in Algeria which is the mother initiative to many similar clubs that exist in the country to date. 
The social activist also co-authored a book entitled Revolution by Love with fellow MENA youth leaders where he explained his vision of change through education. His second book "The Apprenticeship of Leadership in Schools" is to appear, where he explains the necessity of leadership distribution in schools.
Ahmed is also a keen painter, exploring ways of incorporating art into education and activism.