Story Project

Students were asked to create a story based on everyones favorite genre (sci-fi, hip-hop, sports, ect.).

Every story consisted of a variety of characters following one plot. Groups brainstormed anwsers the basic: who, what, when, where and why questiosn and presented their stories in front of the class.

Some stories were written in the form of basic bullet points, others were detailed paragraphs (and there was even one rap). 

"Not long ago, there was a bully named Jim who pocked on Foregin Exchange Students. During lunch Jim Started a food fight. Little did Jim know that the old lunch lady named Halima was a zombie and was trying to poison the students. Jim threw a big blob of meat--load at her face. As the meat- load dripped down her face her true form came out. (Rawrr) Poor Jimmy and his best friend Toby always knew something was strange about her. But mostly ugly. Old lunch lady Halima turned green with red eyes and fangs her mouth was foaming. she was craving BRAINS. Beacuse Jim was a bully, he was a target. There was a graveyard next to Jims school. He ran and ran and ran but he was above the lunch ladys grave. By the time he wanted to warn the rest, they have been turned to kid zombie. He was grabbed under the grave and couldnt come out. 

The end.

Moral of Story: Don't Bully"

George Washington was a good black man. He had diamond grills on his wooden teeth. it was a hot boiling winter day in LA and G.W. was riding on tri-cycle through the hood in Englewood. Unfortunately, Washington meets some gangsters who asked "What side of town you from?" Washington said "can you tell me where the White house is?" The Gangsters Boonk gang his tri-cycle and his grills, so washington tried to run and pop, pop, pop!!! Big fire Ben comes through with 43 other presenents and saves George with a Draco! George says "Good looks my sons, real talk." So after George is saved everyone goes back to the white house and they throw a presidential banger. DJ Barry  0 Provided the music, and JFK Cooked. And they partied til the break of dawn. The End.