Snani Nourhane

Just hearing the word “last” in any phrase or sentence puts a lot of pressure. But if I’m obliged to choose one last thing to eat before I die, I would go for my mom’s rich and appetizing mloukhiya. This dish is mostly recognized in the eastern part of Algeria, its cooking process is extremely slow, It can go up to 5 hours, but the interesting part is, if u add 1 extra minute to it, you will get introduced to a whole new flavor. A lot of people mix between mloukhiya and henna because they resemble each other in the color and texture, but the difference is radical considering that henna is not eatable; it can take a lot of additions, like meat, chicken,and a set of different spices . This dish reminds me of that addictive cozy atmosphere, that sense of safety you only get when you are in your mother’s arms, in fewer words , it reminds me of my childhood; and who doesn’t want to be a child again!