Redouane Abir

“Human Rights” these two words demonstrate the basics or the minimal rights agreed upon for all humans and how they are all equal to have these rights. Initially, For us as human being,we have the right to be able to have and choose the things that sound acceptable and suit us in terms of education, proficiency, health insurance, freedom...all these are the basics to have decent life. These two words in the present day become simply words and the freedoom they used to call for is unrecognized in the modern era where reality and speechs of the leaders of the world don't match, as I previously stated, we have all equal rights and have the right to choose anything as long as our right doesn’t intervene in others right so, what if I choose to change my religion? does my decision affects u?! of course not. In place called Rohingya Muslims minority were slaughtered and other amounted crimes against humanity and possibly ethnic cleansing ........and the list goes on.Just because they follow a different religion or ideology they are not simply judged but tortured for choosing something different. In other words, society do not tolerate differences, especially those based on religion .As human, I can't stand to see or be a part of society that calls for equality or freedom where in other part of the world there are people hanged, burned alive because they decided and practiced their common right and refused to be controlled and live according to their terms or die to demonstrate or declare a monday to the injustice and ineffectiveness of the human rights their stolen rights or lets say their death are our wake up call to make the applying of human rights our duty by accepting differences and be the voice for the voiceless.