Redouane Abir

You all talked about the time you decided to become leaders in your lives due to events or people whom trigged your leading instinct. In other words, you are all leaders in others own way but, most of you needed a push to unleash this capacity or quality within him. So the question that should be answered is the fact that being a leader is related to a specific age or according to your own experience. For me, I’m a leader since I can remember my father died when I was four years old and I’m the eldest daughter in my family; consequently, I knew that I needed to take care of myself and my family by working hard, excelling in order to gain independency .I bet that this may sound odd, how on earth a girl at that age has this way of thinking! so by having this mentality at that age declares that being a leader is not related to a certain age and we all have inner leadership waiting to be discovered, in other words if we want to lead others and fulfill self –discovery this latter demands the ability to travel within yourself and determine who you are in order to guide, direct and manage your thoughts, feeling and actions for the sake of unleashing your fullest potential and the potential of everyone around you. In brief, being a leader is not limited to a certain period of time or specific action but it is in you and we are all leaders in our life and these events strengthen this quality i.e. leadership, putting it differently, means we need to awaken the leader within us in order to make a change and this can only happen when we take charge of ourselves and be a leader against your inner fears and facing these fears will be like pulling back the layers of an anion in order to discover what lies at the core which is a leader and by saying so try to bear in mind that you are the point .what do you most want for and of yourself.