Noor Bellakhdar

Two weeks ago,I had my very first teaching experience.Before I walked in my class,in a secondary school,I was both nervous and excited.i'am usually not that good at connecting with people on a social level,but interacting with my students felt did not feel forced or simply felt nice and effortless.Thankfully, the session went well and I could erase the doubt that I firstly saw in my students'eyes.I was so happy to see the smile on their faces before walking out of my class.During the session,I went through a rollercoaster of emotions that I can never put into words,but they were all welcome. This experience built my curiosity, and I wanted to learn more.Passing over knowledge is a unique process.Teaching a person something they do not know,and they,being able to understand it because You taught it to them, is just so beautiful.For me,being a leader means to gain the trust of the people you are working with,to make them feel safe no matter what obstacles they might face.It means to motivate people,make them strive for more,and inspire action.This deep sense of trust,safety,and cooperation will make any journey worth the time and effort.Some people might say that asking to be a leader(or wanting to be)is asking for trouble,but sometimes that is exactly what we need.Going through some conflicts,problems,struggles will make us stronger,tougher,and able to overcome any difficult situation we might get ourselves in.A good leader does not always mean good outcome,excellent performance, and happily ever after.It only means to be who you really are in any given situation,and to be able to pick up those who fall and guide them on,even it might to sometimes lead us to a dead end.What matters is that it was all worth it at the end.