Nick Pollard

As an occupational therapist I found that I was drawing on many previous experiences, for example, being long term unemployed, various previous jobs that I have done, and my own mistakes in forming relationships and working things with people. A key thing was that of being a member of the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers and writing groups within that. In these writing group networks people exchanged stories, poems and writing about their life experiences, somthing like this group will probably do. I got to recognise that the things I had lived through were not unique, and had parallels in how other, even very different people, experience the world. I think a lot about what those people have taught me. There were ordinary working people like me, and the experiential knowledge they shared was the kind of practical wisdom that people all around us have. Through this I think that all kinds of people ahve the potential to be influential and to change things, to analyse what is going on and to work out new and positive ideas.

October 30, 2017