Nardjes Gadabi

One basic right I believe every human deserves regardless of their race, gender, religion or beliefs, is the right to feel and be safe. What sets us apart from the rest of living creatures is our humanity which requires fulfilling a set of basic human needs, the most important of which must be the right to not be oppressed, enslaved, tortured or hurt in any way, physical or mental. To be safe is to be protected by law, and above all to have law in a country to which you belong and in which you’re not constantly terrorized by alien forces that are trying to deprive you of your national identity. To feel safe on the other hand, is to not worry about being suddenly attacked without prior warning or having your home destroyed in a heartbeat, or about losing everyone you care for abruptly in a cruel way; along with the constant nerve wrecking expectations and fears of the unknown that deprive numerous people of the smallest sense of stability and safety. The right to belong and to be safe, in my opinion, is the most basic in a long list of human rights that can only be possible when the latter is fulfilled. Unfortunately it is a right, in numerous cases, entire nations are not blessed with.