Michaela Marano

When I think of a basic human right, I think of the right to vote. Living in a democracy, we as citizens get a chance to make a difference in the government in which leads us. Although sometimes an unfair outcome, voting gives the people the power to make a change in things that seem unfair or unjust. The 2016 election was my first time getting to vote. Although a disappointing outcome, it was very rewarding as a citizen, especially as a woman, to record my vote for who I want to make laws in which I have to follow. Women in America didn't always have that power. It wasn't until 1920 that women could vote just as men could for hundreds of years prior. There are plenty of countries currently who do not encourage or allow voting by either any people at all or just a select few. I think it is extremely important for citizens to be active participants in government. People must have a say in the things that affect them like healthcare, education, and taxes. It is important to have all citizens active in their government, despite race or income. A government must create opportunities and regulations that favor all, not just one person or group. People must unite peacefully when things are unfair in order to ignite change and make a positive difference.