Maia Wilson

I think Leadership is something that is fostered within a person. It was very important to my parents to teach me self worth, and to teach me that everything I do is impactful. This impacts my leadership because it makes me more aware of the things I do, say, and think. I've grown to be conscious, and self aware, which makes me more personable. A leader is someone who cares about those around them, and a major part of caring is awareness concerning people. A leader is also someone with confidence, I'd consider myself to be so. I cannot think of one instance where I've had to be a leader, because I live everyday as a leader. A downside to this is that I may come across as too strong, but I'd rather be too strong than not strong enough. As a woman I choose to exercise my agency, and it is displayed through my strength. It is displayed through my confidence. It is displayed through my standards. Being a leader has been an idea ingrained in me, that I cannot operate outside of this.