Fatna Ahlam

To be a leader is to be the "right person in the right place" not only in a high position or anything else. You may be a leader and you do not know. Everyone is a leader in daily life in decisions , opinions, and also in the way of living that everyone wants . So we are leaders of ourselves . For me all the hard moments teach me how to be a leader. I was a leader in the old handball team, then a volunteer of the Society for Breast Cancer on last october , and i am one of a club leader in university. Each one of them gives to me invaluable experience whether in psychological side or social side . to be leader in sport is to be the backbone of team . While to be a leader in the Cancer Society is the most difficult but at the same time easy. Difficult when I met patients, especially those who are newly sick. On the other hand, I can not describe how much I feel happy when I help one of them even though I can not relieve their pain but at least i do something for them . University Club is absolutely different ; the most important is the exchange of information and changing the study routine at the university is also the way to build a relationship between other disciplines at the university , also outside the university I can't forget last year when I went with the University Club to read some short stories for school children it was amazing ! Social person that is what I learned from my experiences , I learned from sports how to be an active person , and from the Cancer Association how i live the day as the last one , also university club how i can do everything in anytime . Finally , everyone is a leader by actions and there is no leadership without peace .