Esmeralda Bensadok

There are alot of necessary things that we need, to go throught our days normally or to make our days better. food is definitely one of them, you think about it when you wake up, when you comeback from work or school, when you watch tv or play video games and before you sleep too. sometimes you open the fridge for no specific reason and that shows how addicted to food we are. i was talking about the whole world but here in my country there are tons and tons of kinds of food: food for weedings food for funerals and even special food when people come to visit or food for breakfast and even special snacks, we have various kinds of food for every occasion. In Algeria, food is a very special thing, it's a way of welcoming guests and also family gathering. Every friday families gather up together at the olders houses and have a big family day with all different kinds of traditional food, have CousCous, chitchats catching up with their relatives and just have the best relaxing time (its our version of the sunday roast). For us, food isnt just a way of survival it is a way of communication !. I got a bit carried away i admit so if my next meal was my last i would diffently eat " Rechta ": it is of course an Algerian traditional dish, it is a type of pastry with white or red sauce, it has vegetables in it also chicken, it is my absolute favourite. Here's a pic of it