Elissa Peake

I absolutely love to cook. I love big bold flavours and taking two or three recipe ideas for a certain dish and mixing them up and then amalgamating and tweaking until I create something of my own. I think food is a central component to my relationship, my marriage. We can spend hours writing recipes for our own working week. Planning the mundane, and taking some pleasure in creating something delicious from the tedium of budgeting and shopping lists. When we are able to go off budget (and before I took on the role of mature student and we had disposable income), we would research and scour for the best restaurants we could find. Chefs that use flavours and inspirations that resonate with us. Places where the harvest of the produce means as much as the culmination of the plating of the final dish. We've travelled far and wide and internationally to taste and experience. Most of all I love how food brings people together. Family for a celebration. Friends for a long over due catch up. My wife and I so we can finally catch up after a crazy day/week/month. The strangers you meet and get chatting to when you taste something so good you just have to share! If I were to cook my final meal I'd have to go for something bold and rich with deep meaty flavours. Maybe a bit of spice. Definitely a bunch of garlic. It would probably be an amalgamation of spanish/Latin style cuisine that pairs amazingly with a gorgeous bottle of Malbec!