Callie Chute

Everyone should have the right to an education but that is dependent on too many factors when it shouldn't be. Even in the United States, many schools lack basic funding to provide children with resources necessary to achieve success. There isn't enough money for new textbooks or computers or even to continue music and art classes in school. A lot of children grow up and get lost in the system because they aren't inspired to do well in school when they can't envision their own success. As a child, I didn't like going to school but I didn't have a choice because I had parents and teachers who pushed me to always complete my homework and do well in the classroom. My community only had families like mine who gave their children no choice but graduate high school and earn a higher education. So, I can't even imagine growing up and education not being a priority. When I came to college I met a lot of people who came from very different parts of the world and were the first people in their family to go to college. It got me thinking that I probably wouldn't be here, or at any university, if I didn't feel the pressure from those around me back home. But, not everyone had that support and I could have easily slipped through the cracks if I was born into a different family or region. That thought is very frightening to me because my being at Syracuse University is a complete privilege. A person's world changes with access to a proper education because so many opportunities arise especially when you've earned certain qualifications like a diploma or graduating from certificate programs.