Bederina Kheira

Initially, when thinking of human rights, it comes to one’s mind the idea of the legal claims for the basic rights and freedoms that belong to all people, rights like the right to an adequate standard of living, the right to live, to work, to vote, to education, freedom of religion and speech..etc. So, basing my answer to the prompt above yonder, I’ll choose to talk about the freedom of speech, and I’ll allow myself to practice it here, so allow me guys to express my idea about human rights and how it’s becoming confusing to me in the light of what’s happening around the world. I once thought of human rights to be a means through which we can understand and support others who we feel need our support but, now am having some conflicting ideas about what is and what is not human rights to the world. For me, in some senses, the concept human rights is abused compared to what I thought the right human rights are! what’s confusing me the most is how unfortunately the notion of human rights appears –in some cases- as a mere instrument of crime making and violence around the world in the name of “security” sometimes, the thing that makes me worried as to whether the human rights do exist in reality or not. We hear every day about looting, killing, rapes, amputation, repression of people around the world, so where on earth are the human right !