Bederina Kheira

Many are the people who think that leadership is the process of leading a group of people, organization, they even relate it with a title or a position one takes in a event or else where__well, that maybe true to some extent, so the way I see it that true leadership goes beyond just managing, just because you are a good manager, this does not necessarily mean that you are a leader ! so, I’m 22, and I’ve gone through many situations when I demonstrated leadership – well that’s what I thought – I thought of myself to be a leader just because I once taught English in a private school, worked as bilingual conversation tutor, participated in some few national events , helped in organizing open days and events …etc. I thought I was a leader till one day my vision of leadership took a whole new dimension. So, two years ago , I volunteered to give English lessons to Bachelor students of scientific branch, and there was a girl who was pretty good at English, I have always wondered why she want to have extra lessons while she does not need any, her level was super good. In the last day of my job as a volunteer, I ultimately decided not to keep this question to myself due to my extreme curiosity to know. So that was the case, I asked her about that and wanted her to consider me as a friend not a teacher, her answer was that she loves English so much and that she wants to carry on with it and have further studies but, the problem was that her parents have another plan for her, they wanted her to be a doctor.(edited)

I was so sad about her, I felt everything she was feeling because I once faced the same problem she was facing, so I shared with her my story, and every single words was coming out from the bottom of my heart, I’ve told her to imagine herself ten years to the future to see herself actually becoming the person she wants or the person her parents want her to be and then decide, deep inside I wanted her to choose what she wants, from that moment we never met again. Last summer, I was on my way home, when someone called me, so I turned back to see a girl with her mother, I greeted them both, then the girl started to thank me and I was overwhelmed by the compliments both the mother and her daughter were throwing, I really felt shame because I didn’t recognize the girl at first, she told me how my story and the advice I gave changed her,

now am so happy guys to tell you that she is now in her sophomore studying English language and was amazing to know how do you influence other and inspire them to rise to their best possible selves. What I wanted by sharing this experience -which is just one of many other ones - is to tell you guys that leadership should not necessarily be equated with a position or a title one can have, it is – for me- a process of influencing others