Annabelle White

The first thing that I think of when I hear basic human right is the right to healthcare. Healthcare access, cost and efficiency is one of the most talked about issues in politics, however I really don't think it should ever be a debate. A persons healthcare should not be limited or taken away depending on how much money they make or how severe their condition is. We already live in a society where the higher classes receive so much more, but it is truly a dystopian like idea that they can afford to live more than someone of the lower class. No one should have to worry about going to get checked, or having a necessary surgery just because they cannot afford it. A persons entire world changes when they do not have the right to proper healthcare. If we don't have our health we don't have much, we have our one body, our one vessel that allows us to enjoy all of the other rights we have in our life. So without this basic human right of health, of our own body how can we fully prosper in other areas of our lives.