Abigail Covington

I believe leadership to be an ongoing and dynamic development. Leadership is developed through an array of trials and issues that we as individuals will have to decide how to navigate through. But at the bare bones of it, leadership is sacrifice, empathy, and strength. If you're missing one of those, it's hard to be an effective leader. Leaders should be the first person in and the last person out. They put the team on their backs to win or succeed. They "LeBron" the tasks to make sure they put up at least a third of the team points every night of the championship (or do a huge lift of the work), not because they're selfish but because they understand the skills and assets they and their teammates come to the task with. They'll put more weight on themselves to make sure the project or issues comes out successful. Leaders need to be able to empathize and understand their peers and subordinates. Having respect comes with showing respect. Additionally, leaders have to be strong, and not just in the stereotypical sense. Strength is a derivative of learning from past mistakes and being able to press through when things get tough. It's not being emotionless or the first one to run into the fight. Strength comes with wisdom and experience and, quite honestly, fluctuates often. I hold a number of leadership positions but they always come back to the aforementioned principles. If I'm not doing those then I'm not being effective.