Abderrahmane Choukri

Leadership, a word that's frequently mentioned in local and national workshops here in Algeria. Attending a lot of these events made me wonder about the true meaning of this word. I've noticed that a lot of English speakers in Algeria take themselves as leaders who see the concept itself as only taking care of other teammates. But I can't really see what is it that they are leading. In the sea world we can take it as the following : One can't be a captain if he doesn't have a ship to start with, and a destination to end with. Therefore, a leader is someone who is able to influence people and mobilize them to achieve a certain goal or vision, a leader is someone who is able to give credits rather than just take all the credits for himself, and he's someone who's willing to give efforts and energy, for the greater good of his staff. And just like Hackers, Leaders do no refer to themselves as such , but it's others who describe them as Leaders ! Thanks to my experiences as a president of a high school English club or as a founder and a vice president of a local club called "Djelfa Spirit " , I have been through some challenges that tested my limits and temper. I learned from these challenges that communication is the number 1 factor for either the success or the failure for a project or a vision . And despite the fact that I hated teamwork so much when I was younger , these experiences made me come to realisation that " Together is better "