Nardjes Gadabi

Leadership can take numerous forms, it’s not necessarily restricted to being a president, a principal, a headmaster or a boss; a leader can take the form of a parent, a teacher, or that of a role that’s as small as being the oldest kid in the family. Being the older sister of my siblings puts me in a position of leadership even when they wouldn’t admit it and apparently, it’s not a part time job, which may or may not include babysitting a bunch of rebellious teenagers. For free. It’s a universal unspoken rule that older siblings are to be role models who look after their younger brothers and sisters all the time, which may put more pressure on them than it would give them the ’’authority’’ that comes in mind when the word ’’leader’’ is mentioned. A leader is expected to be responsible, wise, patient, forgiving, and considerate, which are also the qualities of a good sibling in general. At the end, it is worth mentioning that an older brother is more than a ’’ride home’’ while an older sister is definitely so much more than ’’mom’s sidekick’’, they are leaders, and sometimes from a very young age.