Bederina Kheira

There is no doubt that food is demonstrably important for human life but, one needs also to know that food has other crucial role apart from nutrition. Culturally speaking, food is very important for it provides a significant link to our heritage and tells a lot about who we are. In fact, the Algerian cuisine possesses a demonstrably rich and colorful culture from various countries that once ruled, visited or traded with Algeria representing in this way a complete world of taste. For the most part the traditional Algerian foods, with all its colorful combination can be both exciting and intimidating. when thinking about all the traditional algerian food, it comes to one’s mind the idea of bringing the family members all together and this is what characterizes the traditional algerian food the most, dishes like chakhchoka, Couscous, Rfiss with sour milk have a super power in gathering the family all together and making them share the food all in one plate and that's what the traditional algerian food is all about - gather and share- . It becomes so hard to me to choose a meal having the idea that this meal would be the last and considering my status right now which happens to be so hungry but, if it is a must to choose then I will absolutely go for "el mhadjeb", a traditional meal possessing unresisting flavor . El mahadjeb is kind of cappelletti ( a dough with red sauce inside) . Traditionally the main components of the filling include sauteed onions, tomatoes, hot pepper and some specific spices but nowadays with the modernized way of cooking the filling can vary and one is offered a considerable freedom in the selection of the filling's ingredients, one can add minced meat or chicken, green olive or mushrooms..Etc. The differences within the culture of food are what make me believe how special each society can be and taught me that beauty comes when we are different !