Farida Bouhamida

Food is the most beautiful thing in this world. It is the main thing that ,literally, keeps us alive. Of course , food is different from one place to another. This difference gives us the opportunity to discover other flavors and other ways to make what I'd like to call "heaven on plates". Concerning Algerian "heaven on plates" , there are many good dishes ,whether traditional or modernised, that can make your mouth enjoy his time in a party of flavors. These dishes like : Chakhchokha ( a cooked dough with a red sauce on top) ,or Couscous ( grains of of whole wheat flour that are steamed and served with a red sauce ( now when you look at it , I think we are addicted to red sauces in Algeria hahaha) that contains lots of vegetables and meat). There are other dishes where all kinds of hot spices are used. There are other dishes where sweet ingredients are mixed up with salty ones to creat perfect sensations inside your mouth. In my opinion, I don't like modernised food like the ones presented in cooking shows nowadays because the old food made by our mothers and grandmothers has this uniqueness that cannot be replaced by anything. The uniqueness of Algerian food is found in the small details. The simple spices that we think are not necessary are the ones that can really make a difference. This is why food is an essential part of every culture in this world because our cultures are different from each other due to the little details that most of us find ordinary. To conclude, I would definitely keep eating the traditional Algerian spicy food that will never let you lose weight for the rest of my life because it is a huge part of our culture, and because it is delicious LOL.