Professor Nick Pollard

I've come to enjoy cooking a lot, and have lived in some parts of Sheffield and London that were pretty culturally diverse, which meant that you could buy a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, pulses and condiments. I've collected a lot of cookbooks to find out how to use all these foods, and inflict a fusion of these things on the family. Of all these the things I like most are beans, especially pinto beans, and earthy green lentils. I'm always being told off for making things too spicy, too garlicky, too this or that, and everyone else wants some meat which I'd rather avoid, so I guess my last meal would have to be a vegetarian combination of all those forbidden ingredients, perhaps a fiery huevas bravas but with pinto beans. I'd probably add some chewy Polish or Ukrainian rye bread on the side, which has caraway seeds in it. And a nice craft beer such as Scarborough Fair IPA from the Wolds brewery.