The public image of the political and economic meaning of young adults from from Syria, Sudan, or the Middle East North African region is simplistic and often overlaid with fears of terrorism, Islamophobia, and anxiety. The actual reality of their lives, their families, and their communities is complex. Their lives involve listening to traditional music, while eating McDonalds, all the while debating the current meaning of Islam. It is a life of continual negotiation of the different influences and ideas. And it is a reality that will have to be represented and respected as their generation comes to political and cultural power. 


تويزة /The Twiza Project is sponsoring this digital publication as a way to enable young adults from Algeria, England, and the United States to write and think collaboratively about the values and experiences they share as a generation. It is a space for them to think about what a future might look like that respected that complexity and the leadership necessary to make it so. It is a site, perhaps, where the reader can see this reality actually begin to take shape.

November 30, 2017

The idea of human rights is beyond problematic. Human rights arguably doesn't exist to me because there are so many complications that come with the idea of being fair and just. But, if I had to pick one, based off of the prompt above, I would say that everyone should...

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